Sarathy instantly caught my attention when he said he wanted to make an album that embraced both Indian folk music and jazz - two worlds that have had a big influence on me. His album succeeds in bringing these things together in an elegant way, but it’s his own style and ideas that come through the most in the music. Refreshingly different, this is a deep and powerful listening experience.

Four Tet

“An exceptional debut by this multi-percussive artist fusing jazz, electronic and Indian harmonics.”

- Gilles Peterson 

**** Contemporary Album of The Month

- The Guardian (My East Is Your West

**** A spiritual Masterclass

- Mojo Rising (My East Is Your West (My East Is Your West)

“One of the best things we've been able to play on the radio for a very long time” 

- Gilles Peterson

"Play it loud. Play it all the way through. Not only is this the best song of 2019 so far. I think it might also be the most 2019 song of 2019” 

- Pete Paphides

"Korwar takes in the political and radical history of jazz as a voice of the disenfranchised, and Korwar applies it to the Indian diaspora experience in contemporary Britain”

- The Vinyl Factory

“His rhythmically intense, entrancing vision adds a whole new spin to the Indo-jazz continuum" 

- 5/5 MOJO

“It’s a thrilling mix of Indian instrumentation and jazz, featuring several Asian MCs and poets who address themes such as lazy stereotyping and the need to change the East-West narrative. It’s a timely soundtrack to these divisive times” 

- Songlines

"Superb... An adrenalised, percussion-led, consciousness-raising thrill ride" 

- Electronic Sound